"I live in an apartment that is managed by JCS Realty & management since 2019 and from the beginning I noticed how well managed this property was. Jon and Sonia are very responsive to maintenance issues and very easy to work with. I will be signing my 3rd lease with them and after that I will be ready to use them to purchase my new house."
- Josh McDonald

"I hired JCS Realty and management for my 8-unit apartment building in West Palm Beach. They quickly solved most of my issues with the tenants and rent collections. I am now seeing consistent returns on my investment and all the tenants seem happy with the new management company. I should have hired Jon and Sonia sooner."
- Mary Prouse

"Very professional and personal service by both Jon and Sonia. After my first conversation about my properties, I knew they would be my choice to replace the current property manager. I could tell they both had the experience needed to handle the many situations that come with being a landlord. Sonia sends me a statement every month. I couldn’t of made a better choice ."
- Frank Martin