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Trying to manage a property on your own can be a difficult challenge. There’s a lot you have to do, from tenant screening to general upkeep. As such, it’s often beneficial to hire a professional property manager. A property manager can handle a range of tasks, helping to take some of the stress off your shoulders and make your life easier. If you’re searching for professional property management services in the Boynton Beach, FL and Naples, FL areas, then consider getting in touch with JCS Realty & Management Company. We have over 25 years of experience as landlords and over 22 years of experience in real estate, and as such have a working knowledge of how best to handle a range of needs, from tenant screening, to rent collection and more. They know the industry inside and out, and aim to ensure that you get the best service possible.

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Make Property Management Easy

Managing a successful rental property can be a major undertaking. Take the hassle out of property management by working with a professional in the Boynton Beach, FL area. JCS Realty & Management Company has over two decades of experience in a full range of property management. Jon and Sonia are committed to excellence; with their help, you can be confident all aspects of your property management will be taken care of. Consider calling today in order to get more information.

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Is a Property Management Company Right For Your Real Estate Investment?

Property management - also known as real estate management or rental management - is best for owners of real estate who want professional help overseeing the financial, marketing, and maintenance of a property.

The property manager shoulders the responsibility of handling the day to day tasks of finding and screening qualified tenants, executing leasing or rental agreements, collecting rents, handling tenant complaints or legal issues such as evictions, building maintenance and repair, as well as a complete financial accounting and reporting to the property owner.

3 Signs You Might Need a Property Manager

  • You have a general lack of experience or knowledge of all the aspects related to managing a property
  • You're concerned about the amount of time you have to invest in managing, marketing and maintaining the property
  • You can't personally oversee the property due to the distance between the rental property and your personal home

Property owners who place a premium on their time are the one's who often see the greatest return on their investment in a property manager. The key is to choose a property manager who specializes in your specific type of property, and offers management services to fit your unique needs. Property managers specialize in one or more the following property types listed below. If you're curious how else a property manager can help keep your house(s) rented, check out 10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager.

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If you've owned income property for any length of time, you know that managing a rental can be financially rewarding. At the same time, you've also likely discovered that property management requires a large commitment of time and effort.While it may make sense to take the do-it-yourself approach if you're a handy person, live close to your property, and d... MORE